Moz Studios

We created this company to help other small companies just like us.

Creative Studio

We’re not defined by a specific area of business, if we want to work with someone we do.


We are and work with small businesses, to offer advice usually only the large companies can afford.



We provide you with our honest professional opinion, 100% of the time, whether you like it or not.


Not everyone understands technology and the ins and outs of working online.

Our Story

Moz Studios was created out of necessity and great love.  It was necessary that R.H. Downs find a way to keep her first novel, Sisters of Avalon, on the shelf after her original publisher had to close its doors.  When the love of her life decided that he would publish her book, Moz Studios was born.

Mike Downs, Creative Director, Publisher, and husband to R.H. Downs, became passionate about making his own dream come true by establishing Moz Studios. Already handling most of the technical aspects of launching Sisters of Avalon when the previous publisher had to shut down, Mike taking over was a natural decision.

  • Website Development 80%
  • Writing 60%
  • Publishing 50%
  • Customer Happiness 90%

At Moz Studios we are interested in helping authors that other publishers may not be interested get published.  We also offer small business web solutions for those small companies that can’t afford to pay an agency or bigger website developer.

Mike Downs

Mike Downs

Managing Partner

Renee Downs

Renee Downs

Creative Director